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Health, hygiene and infection control is an important part of our cleaning, we follow COVID 19 guidelines and we know all the right ways to protect you.

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We leave your home immaculately clean

Landlords and Letting agents

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Education, Health, and Fitness

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Feyisayo is the CEO and founder of Clean Genesis Limited. She has a Master's degree in Applied Informatics from the University of Reading - Henley Business School.

She has worked with various sectors in the industry - Education, Healthcare, Telecoms, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing. She has a great wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Let’s describe her in three words...

She is intelligent and hardworking. She is a person of integrity.

21 July 2023


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Do you need your home looking neat, clean, tidy and bright? then our services is what you need.

We clean lots of homes across multiple locations in Manchester City.

From dusting to mopping, vacuuming, polishing, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, Living areas and bedrooms, change the beddings, empty the bins, do the dishes, we can do it all for you.

Health and hygiene is important for many individuals and organizations and this is where we come in. We know exactly how to clean your premises to keep you and everyone else, safe and protected. We can clean a single office or a whole building.

We are tailored to meet the needs of any type of business, ranging from small retail spaces to large office spaces. We create the ideal working spaces for you and your employees. We match your specific needs, requests and timings.

General offices, Corporate offices, Retail premises, Law offices, Places of Worship, Conference centres, Call centres, Banks, Cinemas, Government buildings, Warehouse and Distribution Centres, Shopping Centres, Leisure Centres, Shops, Pubs, Bars, Kitchen and canteen areas, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels...The list goes on.

Clean up



Life can be very busy! and that's why we are here to help. We offer a customized cleaning plan to suit your needs, whether it is weekly, fortnightly or once a month. Whichever solution you choose, we leave your home immaculately clean.

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We give your home a thorough cleanup. You define the areas of your home where you need special treatment and we simply take care of it for you. Just book the day, time and the hours you need. The cleaner arrives, goes through the checklist with you, and the work begins, leaving your home looking spotless!


Your health and safety is important to us, that's why we clean those areas that are often overlooked. Taking COVID 19 into consideration, we have adopted Quality Management Systems to provide you with the best service. We pay attention to details, so a fantastic deep clean is what you get!

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Show Homes

First impression matters! Do you want to sell that house? Have you arranged a viewing? Are you trying to close that sale deal for your property? Are you looking to impress your buyer? Then look no further because you have found the right services for you. At Clean Genesis, we don't just clean, we arrange and put everything in order, so when that potential buyer walks in, they are instantly blown away. Let's create that magic for your home and get you a step closer to selling.

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New Builds

That housing development and building project has now been completed, so what next? It's time to clean up! Let's help you get it ready for tenants and buyers to move in. You build, and we clean.

Building dreams one home at a time through cleaning.


Every business must try to make its customers happy, that is why Clean Genesis is here to help you make your customers happy, because happy customers are returning customers. Do you operate as serviced apartments or an AIRBNB business? then we are the right cleaning service for you. Just call us, and we'll get the job done!

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Are you a landlord? Are you a letting Agency? Then you need us! Our cleaning service is done to high standards, and after tenants move out, we ensure that the property is left in the same condition as it was when the tenants moved in.

Are you a tenant? Do you really want your deposit back? Cleaning the property yourself might not do the trick that is why you need a professional cleaning service like us. We clean every inch of the property, and after all is said and done, you'll be able to say "I got my deposit back! thanks to Clean Genesis.

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Let's move you in and out with ease


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Child protection is of paramount importance to us, that's why all our cleaning staff are DBS checked. We clean Nurseries, Day care centres, Primary schools, Secondary schools, colleges, student accommodation and universities. We maintain a healthy environment for both the students and staff by cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.

Create a healthy learning environment today with Clean Genesis.


Caring Supportive Doctor Visiting Senior Male Patient at Home during Coronavirus Pandemic

We work in line with NHS standards to provide professional cleaning services to GP surgeries, Dental practices, Health Care Centres, and Care homes. Our NHS trained, DBS checked cleaners are experienced to work in sensitive clinical environments with patient safety in mind. Our services help to control and prevent the spread of infection.


Man Wearing Face Mask Cleaning Gym Equipment

We clean the reception areas, Gym areas and equipment, changing rooms, locker rooms, wash rooms, Class studios, floors, carpets, and all other areas. Our trained cleaners will ensure all health and safety guidelines as well as COVID 19 best practices are met to ensure your Gyms are safe and perfectly cleaned.

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Let's treat your home with kindness.


Manchester, UK

Email Address

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We have started accepting larger contracts this year 2024

Please regularly check our website for more updates.

Manage your bookings! Selected Residential buildings only*


We manage all bookings and invoices in a quick, transparent and uncomplicated manner.

For all domestic and commercial cleaning, we want you to be in control of the type of cleaning products used to clean your homes and premises. So we have devised a method for this to be possible. All you need to do is to provide your own cleaning supplies. Ensure you have all the cleaning materials and products you need to make your cleaning possible in an efficient and effective manner.

These include hoovers and mops for the floors, bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, surface cleaners, dusters, sponges, cleaning cloths, etc. This is cost effective method, because you can buy your cleaning products in bulk and use them over and over again until you have completely run out and these could take weeks and even months before you will need to re-stock. Your cleaning materials can be used, washed and re-used again.

There will never be a situation where the cleaner forgets to bring a certain product or material because you will always have them in your home and on your premises, This is a Completely hassle-free method for both our cleaners and customers.

All our cleaners are professionally trained and DBS checked. You will have uniformed cleaners in your homes and on your premises. Once you have completed your booking, we will follow up with a call, text or email. We will then send an identification of the cleaner who would be visiting your home/ premises on the day. The cleaner arrives on your scheduled day and time and gets the work done. You can book the same cleaner again or have him/her as your permanent and personal cleaner and you can also decide if you would prefer a different cleaner.

Your satisfaction is our primary focus, therefore we regularly train our cleaners how to clean hygienically and systematically. All our cleaners are directly employed and insured with rights to paid holidays and sickness benefits in the events of illness. A directly employed cleaner usually does a better job. This also works well for our customers, because you can instantly get a replacement cleaner if a scheduled cleaner cancels due to illness or other compelling factors.

All our cleaners are professionally trained to follow your cleaning plan. you can also give specific instructions per appointment. Put in your postcode, choose your preferred date and send your booking request and we will do our best to match your request with a cleaner who lives locally within the area, to avoid situations with lateness and traffic issues.

Any questions or anything you are unsure about or need clarification, just contact us and we will respond to all of your queries.

Spring is here! - Book your Spring Cleaning Now!!! - £40


Fair pricing is very important to us. We provide you with trained, professional and qualified cleaners at an affordable price with no hidden costs.


Residential homes and buildings

Regular Cleaning (we recommend 3 hours for an effective cleaning)

Weekly - £16

Fortnightly (every two weeks) - £18

Monthly (every 4 weeks) - £20

One-off Cleaning - £30 ( we recommend at least 6-7 hours for an effective cleaning)

Deep Cleaning - £35 (we recommend at least 6-7 hours for an effective cleaning)

AIRBNB - £25 per hour (we recommend at least 3 hours for an effective cleaning) We also recommend deep cleaning especially when different guests occupy your place. It is advisable to seek this option at least every month to clean unreachable areas and especially after extended visits from guests.

AIRBNB Deep clean - £30 per hour (we recommend at least 4 hours for an effective cleaning)

End of Tenancy - £40 per hour (we recommend a minimum of 5 hours for an effective cleaning on small properties) (Larger properties will require more booking hours with an extra charge of 10 pounds per hour)

End of Tenancy rates (moving in and moving out)

Single room (Shared accommodation) - £100

Large room (Shared accommodation) - £120

Studio flats - 4hours £160

1 bedroom flat - 5 hours £200

2 bedroom flat/house - 5 and a half hours £220

3 bed house - 5 and a half hours £275

4 bed house - 7 hours £350

5 bed house - 7 and a half hours £375

6 bed house - 9 hours £450

Other - please call for a specific quote

Extras - Oven (single/double), Hobs and Extractors - price range between £60-£120

Kitchen only, bathroom only or areas needing special attention price range between £120 - £150

House Keeping for Serviced Apartments and Hotels - £20 per hour (size of apartments and number of hotel rooms will determine the recommended hours and the number of cleaners needed)

Show homes - £25 per hour (we recommend 3 hours for an effective cleaning)

New builds/refurbishment (after builders cleaning)-£30 per hour/cleaner (size of building also determines the estimated hours and the number of cleaners needed) We recommend a minimum of 3 hours and at least 2cleaners for an effective cleaning on smaller properties. Larger properties will require more booking hours.

Housing developments (after builders cleaning) - £30 per hour/cleaner

(we recommend a minimum of 3 hours and at least 2 cleaners for an effective cleaning on small properties) (Larger properties will require more booking hours with an extra charge of 10 pounds per hour)

Prices vary depending on property size (Studio flats, 1-2 bedroom, 2-3 bedrooms, 3-4 bedrooms, 4-5 bedrooms)

After build rates

Studio flats - 3hours £180

1 bedroom flat - 3 and a half hours £210

2 bedroom flat/house - 4 hours £240

3 bed house - 5 hours £300

4 bed house - 6 hours £360

5 bed house - 7 hours £420

6 bed house - 9 hours £540

Other - please call for a specific quote


Housing Developments and New builds

For large or small contracts, please contact us.

For these, we will usually carry out an initial site visit to perform a walk-around in order to determine the size and layout of properties in the development area before providing a detailed quote.


Schools - Daily deep clean recommended plus end of school term and end of school year deep cleaning.

Hospitals - Daily deep clean recommended

Healthcare centres - Daily deep clean recommended

Care Homes - Daily deep clean recommended

Book and clean rates

For Schools, Hospitals, Healthcare centres and Care homes

If you are short staffed or you need a new cleaner or set of cleaners or a replacement cleaner

Daily - £18 per hour

weekly - £20 per hour

Our cleaning staff will be on your premises cleaning as you go.

6-8 hours cleaning time recommended


Schools, Hospitals, Healthcare centres and Care homes.

If you would like us to be your new cleaning service provider for large or small contracts, please contact us.

For these, we will usually carry out an initial site visit to perform a walk-around in order to determine the size and layout of the premise before providing a detailed quote.

Office cleaning

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours for an effective office cleaning

Prices depend on specific requirements needed and size of premises

Our price plan package is based on the service type (daily , weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis)

Daily - £18 per hour

Weekly - £20 per hour

Fortnightly (every two weeks) - £22 per hour

Monthly - £25 per hour

Gyms and fitness centres - Daily deep clean recommended

£20 per hour

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours for an effective cleaning

Final cost depends on size of the premises and how often you wish for us to clean.

Event cleaning/After party cleaning

Studio flat - £100

1 Bed flat - £150

2 Bed flat/House - £185

3 Bed flat/House - £225

4 Bed flat/House - £260

5 Bed flat/House - £290

6 Bed flat/House - £340

For outdoor events

2-5 cleaners required, a minimum of 3hours recommended for an effective clean

2 Cleaners - £40 per hour

3 Cleaners - £60 per hour

4 Cleaners - £85 per hour

5 Cleaners - £95 per hour

All other commercial cleaning

Price starts from £20 per hour, 3 hours minimum time recommended for an effective clean.

General offices, Corporate offices, Retail premises, Law offices, Places of Worship, Conference centres, Call centres, Banks, Cinemas, Government buildings, Warehouse and Distribution Centres, Shopping Centres, Leisure Centres, Shops, Pubs, Bars, Kitchen and canteen areas, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and others.

All our Prices may vary depending on size of job, duration, complexity, distance and location.

Prices may also vary based on other specific requirements. Cleans may be slightly lower or higher if the level of cleaning is significantly lower or higher.

Finishing time may vary. Cleans may finish before or after the booking hours, Some cleans may take longer and some may take lesser but price remains the same; no extra charges.

What do you consider a high price? You've got to bear in mind that low prices and high quality don't go together. A deal that seems too good to be true means that corners are being cut somewhere.

So when you receive a cleaning proposal, before you make that decision on who to be your cleaning service provider, look out for details, flexibility and additional services.

At Clean Genesis there are no cutting corners! We give you high quality at its best!


At Clean Genesis, transparency is important for any business relationship. Therefore, the level of detail we provide to our customers is crucial because the more detail you have, the more accurately you can decide whether our quote meets your needs and whether the price quoted to you is fair and reasonable.

Enjoy flexibility with us because our cleaning service will work around you and not the other way round. Cancellation, re-scheduling even on short notice, we'll make it all easy and convenient for you.

Your cleaning service provider should be able to provide additional services to you by going the extra mile for you. That's us.

So now we are done talking. It's time to set the ball rolling and get into action. Just as actions speak louder than words...OUR WORK SPEAKS FOR US...

Better your current cleaning cost

Save money with our price match

Choose your preferred price plan

Be in control of what you pay by boking the number of hours you need

Our prices can be negotiated to meet your affordability

We make transition from your existing supplier smooth and painless

All our cleaning staff are trained for speed and accuracy.

We can get so much done within the hour

Our cleaners are all vetted, and DBS checked

We are a fully insured business

Three words that best describes us- Driven, Dedicated and Dynamic


Do you want to work with us as a cleaner? Are you looking for a flexible job with excellent pay and great benefits? Then apply now by filling out the form, alternatively you can send your CV to

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